Mai Thi Tuong Van

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Mai Thi Tuong Van

Mai Thi Tuong Van is currently ranked 1st in Vietnam.

She began her Memory Sports journey in 2016 when she regularly attended memory training classes taught by Coach AB Bonita.

She was enthusiastic to know how ordinary people can perform extraordinary memory skills through the use of different Memory Systems and Techniques. In 3 months of training, she has already been able to give a good performance and became the top Vietnam memory athlete when she joined the WMSC WMC 2016 held in Singapore.

Van also aims to promote Memory Sports in her home country where it is not yet popularly known. In the future, she hopes that more Vietnamese will be able to participate in memory championships around the globe.

Graduated in Language from Hanoi Open University. Learned her Master (MBA) in Taiwan. Had worked in Vietnam, Taiwan, and Philippines.

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