Student Memory Course Indonesia

Student Memory Course Indonesia (SMCI) was founded by Grandmaster Memory Yudi Lesmana in February 2016, with long experience in providing memory training to different age groups in Indonesia since 2003. His first teacher is Dr.Yip Swe Choi.

Memory is critical for school success. School-age children are constantly bombarded with new knowledges in multiple topic areas in which they may or may not be interested. Memory techniques are able to provide visual imagery or verbal elaborations that serve as cues for recalling information that is low in imagery or in meaningfulness, thus making it very useful for storage and retrieval of information in long-term memory when students lack a relevant knowledge base about the topic they are studying.

SMCI’s mission is to develop effective learning strategies for elementary and high school students. While students can improve their memory and concentration in learning, those with strong memory skills will also be encouraged to participate in local and international memory sports competition. This will have a powerful impact in building their self-confidence to achieve more in life.

SMCI classes is currently available in Jakarta, Tangerang, and Bandung. You can explore us through the brochure or click here for the official page

About AMSC

The AMSC mission is to provide a globally unified platform for memory athletes to challenge the memory limit.

AMSC is not affiliated with any organization.