Grandmaster of Memory (GMM)

There are three Grandmasters of Memory in Hong Kong,
* Mr. Andy Tsz Kit Fong
* Ms. Eva Chi Wa Chan
* Mr. Chris Tai Yiu Lee

Commencing at WMC 2014, the WMSC introduced a new title of International Master of Memory (IMM) and redefine qualification criteria for the title of Grandmaster of Memory (GMM)

International Master of Memory (IMM)

* 1000 digits in 1 hour
* 10 decks of cards in 1 hour
* 1 deck of cards in 2 minutes or less

Competitors who wish to attain their International Master of Memory qualifications at a World Memory Championships must ensure that they compete in all 10 disciplines and achieve a total of 3000 or more cumulative points i.e. not solely focusing on the International Master Events.

Grandmaster of Memory (GMM)

* The top five placed competitors at the WMC that are not already GMMs who have achieved a total of 5,000 or more cumulative points in that year.

International Grandmaster of Memory (IGM)

* More than 6,000 points according to current millennium standards at a WMC and to all former World Champions of Memory

Note: Any competitor who already has a full GMM title will maintain their title for life.

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