Memory Championships Arbiter


The World Memory Sports Council accredits Official Memory Sports Arbiters at four levels:

Level 1 ﹣To mark and score papers at any WMSC approved competition under supervision of a Level 2 Arbiter or the Chief Arbiter.
Level 2 ﹣To act as sole WMSC representative at a National Championship and supervise at a World Championship under the overall charge of the Chief Arbiter.
Level 3 & 4 ﹣ May officiate at memory world record attempts.

Official Memory Sports Arbiters in Hong Kong

There are 5 Level 4 Arbiters in the world. Two of them reside in Hong Kong:
Mr. Andy Fong - Grandmaster of Memory, Member of the World Memory Sports Council and President of the Hong Kong Memory Sports Council
Ms. Angel Lai - Vice-president of the Hong Kong Memory Sports Council