Andy Fong

Andy Fong - Grandmaster of Memory

Andy began his memory sports journey in 2009 when he atteneded a memory training class taught by Dr. Yip Swe Chooi.

He then particpated at the World Memory Championship in 2010 and 2011, and granted the Grandmaster of Memory title in 2011.

In 2012, Andy established the Hong Kong Memory Sports Council with his partners. Andy became the youngest level 4 arbiter of the World Memory Championships in 2014.

From 2012 to 2016, Andy has hosted more than 10 memory competitions in 9 countries.

It's been my privilege to serve the memory community.

I've never imagined how the sports would open my eyes and show me a world that I never dreamt of.

Graduated in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Dalhousie University in Canada. Have work experiences in Canada, Japan and HK.


  • Grandmaster of Memory (WMC2011)
  • WMC Level 4 Arbiter
  • Member of WMSC
  • President of AMSC
  • President of HKMSC
  • Australia Open 2012 Arbiter
  • Asia Championship 2015 Arbiter
  • World Memory Championship 2012-2015 Arbiter
  • Mongolia Championship 2013 Arbiter
  • Taiwan Championship 2015 Arbiter
  • Hong Kong Open Championship 2013-2015 Arbiter
  • Tokyo Friendly Championship 2014-2016 Arbiter
  • Malaysia Open Championship 2016 Arbiter
  • Philippines Open Championship 2014-2015 Arbiter
  • Indonesia Championship 2014 Arbiter
  • Singapore Open Championship 2015 Arbiter
  • WMC 2011 - Random Words Silver Medalist
  • Memorized 200 numbers in 5 minutes
  • Memorized 135 words in 15 minutes
  • Memorized 1230 numbers in 1 hour
  • Memorized 13 decks of card in 1 hour
  • Memorized 1 decks of card in 74 seconds

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