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Philippines' Representative


* Director, Philippine Mind Sports Association
* Head Coach of the Philippine Memory Team
* Official Representative of the Philippines in Asia Memory Sports Council
* National Record Holder in Names and Faces event from 2012 to 2015
* A Dynamic and Motivational Resource Speaker to various Schools, Companies and Events
* Among the Official Philippine Representatives who competed in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, China and twice in the World Memory Championships held in London, United Kingdom.
* Gold medalist - Names & Faces (Thailand Intl. Memory Champ. 2012)
* Gold medalist - Names & Faces (1st Natl. Memory Champ. - Philippines)
* Silver medalist - Random Words (1st Natl. Memory Champ. - Philippines)
* Bronze medalist - Abstract Images (1st Natl. Memory Champ. - Philippines)
* Gold medalist - Names & Faces (1st HK Open Memory Champ. 2013)
* Gold medalist - Names & Faces (Tokyo Friendly Memory Champ. 2014)
* Gold medalist - Historic Dates (Tokyo Friendly Memory Champ. 2014)
* Chief Organizer, 1st Philippine Intl. Open Memory Championship 2014
* Chief Organizer, 2nd Philippine Intl. Open Memory Championship 2015
* A Walking Human Calendar (Memorized the Gregorian Calendar from year 1582 to 9999)

Anne Bernadette
“AB” Bonita