AMSC Memory Grandmaster Certificate v 1.0

AMSC Memory Grandmaster program is designed for memory sports enthusiasts to gradually move up to the world-class level. The performance from any AMSC recognized competition will be used as an evaluation for the grandmaster program.

The certificates are designed to easily distinguish the different levels of the Memory Grandmaster. It also has an embedded security feature that can be used to identify its authenticity.

Issuing Channel

  • AMSC Competitions


The logo of Asia Memory Sports Council is located on the top center.

Certificate Title

Memory Grandmaster is written clearly below the logo.

QR Code

A QR code which directs to the holder's profile on the AMSC official website.

filler image

AMSC Frame

This frame is specially designed for the Memory Grandmaster certificate (available for purchase separately).

Title Holder

The name of the title holder is located at the centre with the date and location.

About AMSA

The AMSA mission is to provide a globally unified platform for memory athletes to challenge the memory limit.

AMSA is not affiliated to any organization.